What we do for our clients

Our services

We help our customers design better solutions and perform services, we do that through:

  • Service design: we design innovative services focused on the needs, expectations and habits of your customer
  • Customer experience design: we develop a customer experience based on context, culture, ...
  • Design thinking: we introduce a creative solution-oriented approach to your organization. We do this through team alignment, workshops, design coaching and taking on the role of Chief Design Officer.

Community of Practice Arteveldehogeschool

Arteveldehogeschool is not only an educational institution but also a research institution. Research is carried out within the discipline at the various departments or faculties. That research is increasingly being conducted with the help of design research and design thinking techniques.

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Niko Interface framework

Niko today has more digital touch points than ever before: installers and end users use the Niko interfaces to configure and operate Niko Home Control and other applications.

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Marketing automation for understaffed marketing departments

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