Our services, seen through the eyes of our customers


We help you to view every decision you take as a company through the eyes of your customer. We do this by coaching your team or by taking on the role of Chief Design Officer.

Coherent customer experiences

Customer journeys zorgen voor doorvoelde empathie voor je klant en een duidelijk beeld van wat die klant van jou mag verwachten. Die journeys werken inspirerend en geven grote voldoening aan je teams.

Team alignment

We let the various departments look with the eyes of the customer. As a result, we increase the involvement with those customers and the internal involvement and coherence across the departments and functions.

Service innovation

We help you innovate risk-free, by involving clients in the development, and by testing assumptions.

Design thinking

With design thinking we introduce solution-oriented thinking in your organization. We learn your team how to deal with uncertainties and unknowns, to come up with creative solutions in an iterative way.

Service design

In four phases: frame, ideate, design and launch, we guide you through the customer-oriented, co-creative service design process, from first idea to launching an innovative service. A service developed by your customers.

Customer experience design

In a user experience design process, we walk together with you in the shoes of your customers and experience your service as they do. We redefine your service where necessary so that the experience exceeds all expectations.