Look into the head of your client, step into her shoes

Thinking from the customers point of view is a revolution for many companies. We are not used to looking outside in. We look at the world from ourselves. That is why it makes sense to guide your team in that upheaval. So that everyone thinks like a customer.

An exceptional customer experience

Developing a service under optimal conditions is one thing. The actual customer experience might be something completely different. That is why it is important that all members of your team can look at your service with the eyes of a customer. Even those who are only indirectly involved in your offer, such as bookkeeping, support, …

Requires a consistent approach

Every contact with a customer offers you the chance to exceed expectations or to ruin the relationship. Make every contact or touchpoint a good experience, in line with the quality you want to deliver and the values that you convey.


From a customer-oriented team

We accompany your team in that transition and ensure that every decision is taken from the customer’s needs and viewed through your customer’s eyes.

We help you to work customer-centric

We guide you to implement customer-oriented thinking throughout the organization.


  1. Initiation workshop for your teams
    In a half-day workshop we view your service through the eyes of your customer. We map all touch points (customer journey) and analyze the experience as the customer experiences it.
  1. Community of practice (CoP)
    We install and supervise a community of practice, in which all team members (cross-departmental) share their knowledge about service design (personas, customer journeys, …). So that customer-oriented thinking becomes evident.
  1. CDO at interim (Chief Design Officer)
    Every important decision must be made in the interests of the customer. As an ad interim CDO we help your organization to look at every decision through your customer’s eyes and we test that decision against the service blueprint.