Take a look at your company, outside in

The customer’s experience is determined by all the contacts she has with your company. That is why not only the product or service owners have to think from a customers point of view. The various internal departments, such as finance, HR and legal, must also look at everything they do through the customer’s eyes.

It’s all about your customers

How would you experience this as a customer? Even when you work in the legal department, you have to dare to ask that question over and over again. Everything your company does is aimed at helping your customers. So every department must also be customer-centered. Today many departments work in silos and talk to customer with technical expertise.

A coherent service, a seamless experience

The customer experiences your company as a person, consistently. Different views and/or approaches between the various departments confuse and frustrate your customer. That is why it is important to develop every part of the service from the customer’s point of view.

Imagine an open kitchen

When your restaurant has an open kitchen, you ensure that it is impeccably cared for, that the cook does not scold the dishwasher and that the kitchen is designed so that the flow of actions runs very efficiently.

We help you look over the walls, with the eyes of the customer

Looking with the eyes of the customer helps you improve your service. You learn to see apparent consistencies from a department as imperfections in a coherent customer experience.

  1. Mapping the touchpoints
    From the point of view of the customer and from the standpoint of your company, we map all interactions with a customer.
  2. Examination of expectations
    With role play, interviews and behavioral research, we investigate what your customers’ expectations are.
  3. Breaking down walls
    The interactions viewed from the customer, help you increase the cohesion between the various departments, so that your company and service is perceived by the customer as one. This increases the understanding between the various departments and makes the interests of all visible.

Increased awareness of customer expectations and the interests of the different functions increases insight and involvement.