Strategic, creative and solution-oriented thinking

Innovating services and creating innovative services are strategic exercises. In those exercises we search for creative ways to best meet expectations, address sources or capacities and develop a business model.

The value you create for your customer

A customer who buys a car is looking for a solution to move, or a status symbol, or something else. Before we develop a service it is important to investigate which values a customer wants to buy and which values you want to sell. That research should help you focus on what is really valuable to your customer and what your customer wants to pay for.

The capacities or resources needed for your service or product

Developing a service or product that meets a customer’s expectations requires certain resources or capacities. Where those capacities are achieved and how they are used often determines the extent to which your services are profitable and innovative.

The feasibility of your solution

Based on the needs and expectations and the available resources or capacities, we develop a business model. This is done in an iterative way. We look for the most economical, innovative and value-creating solutions. Solutions that focus on what is important for the customer.

Strategic thinking exercises, operational excellence

We help you to review your own organization from the perspective of the customer. Always with the aim to develop new services or to renew existing services, in the interests of the customer.

  1. Why do you offer something?
    Why do customers need your offer? Why not? We make you walk in the shoes of your customer and investigate what the real needs are that should be solved. Together we investigate how the service is being experienced by your client, really.
  2. What if,…?
    Today everything seems obvious, because it is what it is. But what if? What if Amazon takes over a physical store chain tomorrow? What if Google becomes a bank tomorrow? By turning everything upside down, we examine the true value your company delivers and how to protect it, redefine it or create new values, so that your organization is ready for tomorrow. Yes also the day after tomorrow. :-(
  3. How do they do that?
    Questioning your offer is one exercise, the way you develop that offer is another. We look forward to the way in which we have to provide a service or make a product. Without looking outside-in, Deliveroo, Uber and Airbnb wouldn’t exist. We help you to look at capacity in a creative way.