Exceed expectations with every experience

The satisfaction of your customers is the difference between expectation and experience. We help you to exceed that expectation with every contact! To do that we map every touch point, determine the content of that contact and the expectations. Based on that, we design an ideal service.

Create a match between expectations and offerings

A satisfied customer is a customer who gets what he expects, or more. We map out the expectations of the customer, how and when he wants to fulfill those expectations and how you communicate about them. Because your communication creates that expectation.

Through an investigation of those expectations

Together with your customers, we examine their expectations, at every interaction with your service or company. We conduct this research through interviews and workshops, but we also conduct research at the time of the interaction.

And a service developed, based on that

On the basis of these expectations, we develop the services as the customer wants it to be offered.

Steps towards a better customer experience

We go through a number of steps to design a customer experience that meets the expectations.

  1. Examination of expectations
    With role play, interviews and behavioral research, we investigate what your customers’ expectations are.
  2. Mapping the touch points
    From the point of view of the customer and from the standpoint of your company, we map all interactions with a customer.
  3. Design = interface = communication
    We check which information, how and when your customers  need to fully enjoy your services.

How your customers walk through these steps depends strongly on the service of your company, the customers and the multiplicity and diversity of interactions or touch points.