File name            	:DSCN1422.JPG
File size            	:1.0MB(1089189Bytes)
Shoot date           	:2005/09/23 15:42:04
Picture size         	:2048 x 1536
Resolution           	:72 x 72 dpi
Number of bits       	:8bit/channel
Protection attribute 	:Off
Hide Attribute       	:Off
Camera ID            	:N/A
Model name           	:E995
Quality mode         	:FINE
Metering mode        	:Patial
Exposure mode        	:Programmed auto
Flash                	:No
Focal length         	:11.9 mm
Shutter speed        	:1/13second
Aperture             	:F3.0
Exposure compensation	:0 EV
Fixed white balance  	:Incandescent
Lens                 	:Built-in
Flash sync mode      	:N/A
Exposure difference  	:N/A
Flexible program     	:N/A
Sensitivity          	:ISO400
Sharpening           	:None
Curve mode           	:N/A
Color mode           	:COLOR
Tone compensation    	:NORMAL
Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A
Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A
Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

Experience design is part of your brand design

21 March 2019 door Jan Van Caneghem

Experience design and brand design are identical twins. Experience design starts from service or product design and therefore from the service or the product as the customer wants to experience it. Brand design starts from the values you want to deliver with your service or product.

Experience design, the service as experienced by your customer

Experience design covers many loads, it can be the user interface of a webshop: the visual presentation of products and the order function. But it can also be a written scenario, which clarifies how the receptionist must connect customers with the customer service or the account manager.

With experience design you determine how the customer experiences your service and therefore your brand. It is the translation of the desired service in a developed service experience.

Each hotel cleans the bathroom before a new visitor comes. But the hotel where the corner of the toilet paper is folded also tells the visitor that the bed has been changed and the bathroom cleaned, with care.

Brand design, the values you stand for

Brand design translates the values ​​that you want to convey as a brand, in visual applications such as logo, website, … but also in other interactions with customers. A good example of how brand identity is a translation of values ​​is found in the Apple logo. The original was little thought out, and so was the name. It was motivated by a fruit diet that Steve Jobs followed at the time.

Apple logo evolution

Once Apple became a company of significance, the need was there for a clear logo that radiated ‘fun’.

At the beginning of 2000, the first transparent iMac, available in many colors, had to save Apple, the logo was adapted to fit the style of those iMacs.

Simplicity and ease of use has always been a focus for Apple, but that was even more with the development of iTunes and later the iPhone and iPad. The logo was again given a refreshing facelift.

The brand identity tells a lot about the promise and values of a brand.

The brand experience must also do this. We can determine this by means of experience design or user experience design called UX design.