Innovated by design

Community of Practice

In this community of practice, we gather six times over one year. Dates are: 

  1. September 3rd 2021: Introduction to innovation;
  2. October 29th 2021: Entrepreneurial culture;
  3. December 17th 2021: Innovation strategies;
  4. February 4th 2022: Technology and IP;
  5. April 1st 2022: Financing Innovations;
  6. June 3rd 2022: Innovative organisations.

An initial survey of some 20 organisations has shown that it is difficult to create room for innovation. Resistance from management and executive functions is high.

We often see innovation as incremental changes that hardly require us to question the existing procedures and culture.

Obstacles that prevent companies from innovating

Innovation is hindered by lack of urgency, lack of enthusiasm, lack of mandate, and focus on managing an allocated budget.



Method and learning objectives of the CoP

In the CoP, we learn from each other’s experiences and, where possible, we help each other test and implement techniques and procedures. Where necessary, we bring in external expertise to reinforce us in that learning process. 

A cross-sector composition helps us look at innovation and opportunities from different experiences. This diverse view strengthens us to question our approach and models and test and implement solutions and approaches from other sectors

Do you need to subscribe?

This community of practice is for you when you are somehow responsible for innovation within your organisation. You are willing to learn from others’ expertise and share your own and you are convinced that a cross-sector composition will strengthen your outside-in view of your challenges.

What do you need to invest?

Depending on the size of the organisation you work for, participation fees range from 3750,00 euro to 7750,00 euro. But more important is the time you will invest, which we estimate at one day monthly.

I am Jan Van Caneghem. I studied design at Artvelde Hogeschool and B2B marketing at EHSAL Management School. I have developed multiple digital solutions in a B2B environment. Nowadays, I focus on innovative service and product development. The focus is on better user experiences and optimisation of resources and processes.

I am Kris Vander Velpen, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at KU Leuven and Flanders Business School. As an advisor, I help large and medium-sized organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to initiate and accelerate sustainable ‘top line’ growth.