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Six intense days you work and learn on different innovation topics:

  • Moderated by six experts
  • On a beautiful and quiet location
  • Within a fantastic group of peers
  • Challenging cases
  • 3.750,00 Euro

In the Community of Practice Innovated by Design (CoP Innovated by Design), we, as innovation managers, learn from each other’s experiences with innovation. Because of the group’s diversity, the experiences are also very diverse, which makes us learn faster and from multiple perspectives.

The CoP Innovated by Design comprises ± 12 innovation managers from governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and academia. The size of the organizations in which we work also varies. This diversity helps us look at our organization, obstacles and opportunities differently.

In the community of practice, we learn from each other and experts. In every meeting, an expert addresses a topic and guides us in applying gained knowledge to our context. In workshops, we learn at an accelerated pace what stumbling blocks are and what needed accelerators to achieve results.

When you are dedicated to innovation within your organisation, you will know the ins and outs of your industry. But innovation is much about looking at the outside

During six days and over one year, we gather in a quiet and beautiful location to focus on the learnings of innovation and look at the road ahead

With a group of ± 12 peers from various industries and the guidance of experts, you capture the theory and apply it to challenging cases. Learning at a steep pace

Participants look back on the gatherings as inspiring sessions where they learn from experts and their peers who all have innovation roles in leading organisations.

Besides the location and organisation, the mix of theory and real cases is very much appreciated.



In Ghent we start a third CoP Innovated by Design as of September 15, 2023. Get to know all details and download the full program


We are in the midst of organising for a first CoP Innovated by Design in Milano. Do not hesitate to put you on the list


We are in the midst of organising for a first CoP Innovated by Design in Cologne. Do not hesitate to put you on the list