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Waai is a design studio,
driven by empathy,
with a focus on impact

Design is an intentional intervention to change something for the better. It is about making an impact. Empathy drives us to understand this desired impact.

Although we embrace creative thinking, we aim for the best results and assess the processes with the EPIC-design assessment tool.  

A human-centred design approach is our default way of working. Design projects with a broader societal impact make our hearts beat faster. 


In this Dutch-spoken community, we will tackle business model innovation, prototyping, innovative organisations, impact evaluation and many more. We will have six offline workshops over one year, starting on January 20th, 2023.


The book that helps you become the EPIC designer of our tomorrows tells us why we need more creative thinking to achieve innovation. The EPIC design maturity model gives you the tools to get started.

Design methodologies

To enable ourselves and our customers to use creative-thinking methodologies to gather divergent ideas on the one hand and to converge to the best outcomes on the other, we use two methodologies.

FIDL (Design thinking process)

The first is the process framework FIDL, which guides us through the process in four phases: frame the need or problem, ideate on all possible solutions, design the most preferred one and launch and iterate. 

Design maturity model

The second is the EPIC-design assessment tool, which enables you to self-assess your empathic mindset, the process you have designed, the impact measuring you have in place and the organisational character. This self-assessment applies to the four phases of the process

The EPIC Design Maturity Model

How to consider the needs of the people you work for and their context, in every step of the design of your innovation?

Developing new services and products asks for a safe context in which employees can think creatively and experiment. But there is also a need for a well-developed process.

How do you consider the impact you want to make ? To what extend is that impact part of your reseach ?

An impactful innovation you only develop in an organization with an open, inquisitive and supportive character.